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Philips GC 1026

Tefal FV4880

Bosch TDA-2365

Philips GC 2905

Philips GC 4850

Tefal FV5375

Tefal FV5350

Bosch TDA 2630

Braun TexStyle TS775TP

Philips GC 9222

Tefal GV5246

Tefal FV2350

Philips GC 2910

Tefal FV1325

Bosch TDA 2610

Philips GC 3803

Philips GC 651

Philips GC 6615

Philips GC 3569

Braun TexStyle TS715

Panasonic NI-W950

Philips GC 2045

Braun TexStyle TS545S

Philips GC 1022

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Please help the project: Thank you!

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